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Cafe Owner and Director

Artist, chef and master connoisseur Ira Ono, a native New Yorker, came to Hawaii on vacation when he was 24 years old, and knew he was home.  A well-known professional artist whose works have appeared in museums and private collections around the world, he is also famous as the founder of “Trash Art” shows, featuring art works made from recycled materials, on three of Hawaii’s islands. And he has been a gourmet vegetarian chef for 39 years. In 2002, he bought a 1920s-vintage summer estate in Volcano and began creating his masterwork, Volcano Garden Arts and Cafe Ono, where he has poured his expertise and energy into creating a total experience: the most delicious, healthy food he could imagine, served in the most beautiful place he could create.

Many reviewers of the restaurant have singled Ono for special praise.  One called him a “smashing host”; another praised the “amazing job” he did of making his guests welcome.


11am to 2pm


Special Menu Item each



Volcano Garden Arts gallery is open every day from 10am - 4pm.

Stop by for a coffee, tea, or pastry. 


19-3834 Old Volcano Road

Volcano Village, Hawaii 96785

Open For Dine In or Take Out!

Parties of 3 or more,

call for reservations!

Phone: 1 (808) 985-8979


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